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Our staff reviews male enhancement products. We give our opinion and then you decided which will work best for you. HardMojo is our top-rated male enhancement. To learn more about HardMojo and see our other reviews see our full list below.

1. Hard Mojo - 98% - Male Advisor Score

MaleAdvisor Product Rating

Readers who purchased this product 85%

Hard Mojo gets 4.5 Stars on Amazon and has been produced in the USA since 2012. Based on our findings HardMojo is an excellent enhancement product. Based on consumer response by current users as well as our own sampling we have found the effectiveness begins within 40 minutes and has a variable duration of 30 to 92 hours but individual results can vary.

The manufacturer states all ingredients are 100% natural and are encapsulated in the U.S. The company also supplied an ingredient list that indicated proper formulation of known ingredients standard with effective erection ability and repeated erections during the effectiveness period. Another advantage this product has is it is sold in 1, 3, 5, and 10 count quantities.

Offering a single pill vs. a bottle, which allows one to try the product at a low cost. We have found there are no substantial side effects and we tried the product with and without food intake and the results were the same. Shipping was fast and efficient and there was no cost for shipping.


  • Effectiveness begins within 40 mins
  • Variable Duration of 30-92 hours (varies by individual)
  • The manufacturer states it is 100% natural
  • Encapsulated in the USA
  • Sold in 1, 3, 5, and 10 count quantities
  • Capsules come individually packaged


  • Product Labeling looked dated
  • Not as potent on hours 24-36 as the first 24 hours

2. Erectzan - 61% - Male Advisor Score

MaleAdvisor Product Rating

Readers who purchased this product 45%

We find that this product has a good rating of 60% of its consumers. After our sampling we find it to have a short duration time and a long activation time although individual results will vary. Erection success was not as high as Hard Mojo and individual results will vary. This product is not manufactured within the U.S. Ingredients are similar to an erection formula but possibly not of a pharmaceutical-grade resulting in mediocre performance and results will vary. You must buy a bottle in order to try the product which is not cost-effective For more information or to order this product visit site. Individual results will vary.


  • Effectiveness begins within 50-60 mins
  • Variable Duration of 24 hours (varies by individual)
  • The manufacturer states it is 100% natural
  • Sold in 60 count quantities


  • Not manufactured in the USA
  • Must buy a bottle to try the product
  • High cost to try
  • Subscription Based

3. Vydexafil - 58% - Male Advisor Score

MaleAdvisor Product Rating

Readers who purchased this product 30%

Upon review of this product, we find it to be less than effective. The product claims to increase penis size and achieve erections. Our sampling resulted in no effect on achieving erections and of course, there are no products that grow penile tissue. There may be some Placebo effect with some consumers of this product. In order to try this product, one must purchase a 30 day supply. In our opinion, this product has no benefit to its consumers. For more information on this product visit site. Individual results will vary.


  • Effectiveness begins within 45-60 mins
  • Variable Duration of 24-48 hours (varies by individual)


  • Users complained about the size of the pill
  • Website looked dated
  • Must buy 30 day supply
  • Could be getting bought out.

4. Viswiss - 43% - Male Advisor Score

MaleAdvisor Product Rating

Readers who purchased this product 20%

We find after reviewing this product thru sampling and consumer reviews it has a minimal effect on erection capability and is expensive. It has a very disappointing consumer response and claims made by the manufacturer are far from what you can expect for positive results. A Placebo effect seems to take place with some consumers but when it comes time to perform complete failure results. Please refer to this link for more information about consumers. Individual results will vary. statement: site.


  • Effectiveness for about 45% of users
  • The manufacturer states it is 100% natural
  • Encapsulated in the USA
  • Sold in Bottles of 60 Count


  • Product Labeling looked dated
  • The duration was about 12-24 hours

Best Natural Male Enhancement 2021 - Buyers Guide

“The name of the game is to have a rock hard long-lasting erection that will keep her happy and satisfied for hours. But what do you look for in a male enhancement pill?”

So what do you do when your member fails to give the one eye salute properly? This is a problem that many men suffer from, most often at the most unfortunate times. This can lead to them putting on added pressure to be the stallions in bed they hear about in every ad or movie. Not to mention those girl talk moments between your girl and her friends. The ones you subtly eavesdropped on. It may seem bad now, but there are ways to help you get that rock hard salute you have always wanted. Most men look at their erection as their central sex organ, in fact, many do not see past their phallus. So when they have erectile issues this can be a huge blow to their idea of being a man. It becomes a self-feeding cycle.

If you have erectile issues and are stressed about then, it leads to pressure to perform and bad sexual experience for both you and your partner. This only makes it harder to have and maintain a satisfactory erection. So the cycle keeps feeding into itself. This is thought to be a problem for more mature or older men, but it is not always true. Other myths are that with enough practice you can strengthen your erection, last longer, and have a higher libido, however for some men this is simply not true. It is here that male enhancements satisfy a much-needed need.

We know that erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone, we know that it is not only a psychological issue but that it can be physical as well. Yet what are the causes of erectile dysfunctions? If you know the causes you are one step closer to getting erections on demand. After we have fully explored the cause we can be able to go on and find the means of dealing with it. A possible choice would be using natural male enhancements.

After all, if you are going to tinker with your body going natural is almost always the best route to go.

All men have penises, yet it is surprising how many know very little about this very important organ. We all love it and in many cases, we see it as the base of both our gender and sex, yet we don’t know about it. You only have to look at the myths around penises to see how little men know about them.

If you asked most men how big an average penis is, you will most probably get highly inflated numbers, yet the average flaccid penis is 3 to 3.5 inches long. An average erect penis is 5-6.5 inches long. Yet if you listened to most men in the locker room, you would swear every man is walking around with a 10-inch snake in their pants. The penis erects when blood flows into the corpus spongiosum, which is the tissue around the erethra. The erethra is where the urine and semen flow to the hole you see at the top of the penis. The corpus cavernosa is the last part of the anatomy of a penis. This also fills with blood and gives you that full feeling when you are fully erect and feel ready to poke holes in concrete with your erection. The penis is suspended using four muscles at the base of the penis. Many believe you can train and exercise these muscles, but there is a lot of research that says this is simply not true.

So now that we know our penis much better, let’s look at what erectile dysfunction is and more importantly what causes it. If we know why erectile dysfunction happens we can better combat it. At its core, we can define erectile dysfunction as the inability to keep and hold an erection hard enough to have sex. This means you either cannot get one or you cannot last long enough to fully accomplish the task at hand. So your ability is greatly hindered. You can divide the causes of erectile dysfunction into two main categories, physical and psychological. The physical causes include the narrowing of the blood vessels in the penis due to factors like smoking, cholesterol, diabetes, hormonal problems, etc. The psychological causes can include stress, the pressure to perform, and even emotional trauma. If you are feeling stressed or pressured to perform sexually, this can cause you to lose not only your erection but also your libido.

So how can erectile dysfunction be reversed and have you right back on the horse? Many recommend meditation and exercising the aforementioned penis muscles in order to help you last longer and have a firmer erection. There are cases of men who say these methods work, however for many, these are just not viable or even effective to help get your most important soldier up and saluting. For these men having to take male enhancements is the route to go. In fact, using natural male enhancements may be the best option available to them.

Natural male enhancements may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they have been in use for a long time by many men, and have been proven to work extremely well. But what are they? Male enhancements are pills you can take that are specially formulated to give you firmer, stronger erections. They also work to improve the length of time you have these erections as well as boost your libido, meaning longer, better, more fulfilling sex, a whole lot more. They are basically the energizer bunny for your penis. So natural male enhancements are formulated using natural ingredients. Do Natural Male Enhancements Work? Like most things, there are those that work and then there are those that do not. The ones that work come from reputable manufacturers and have ingredients that are known to work. On the other hand, there are those that come from shadier sources, and they tend to not have the best ingredients. These usually do more harm than good. It is because of these less reputable products that we’ve created this buyer’s guide in order to steer you in the right direction. Back to being able to get your erections on demand.

As stated earlier there are two main causes of erectile dysfunction. They are physiological and psychological. Natural male enhancements work on physiological causes. We said that you can experience erectile dysfunction due to a narrowing of the blood vessels in your penis. These natural male enhancers work in such a way that they use nitric oxide to widen the blood vessels. This widening will then give you better, firmer, and longer erections. The ingredients in the male enhancement pills work in unison to create this effect.

The ingredients in your male enhancements are an important factor. Ingredients to look out for are tribulusterrestris, L-arginine, zinc, Withania somnifera, and curculigo orchioides. These are all important elements used in male enhancements. Some are also components of natural male enhancements. They have had proven cases of not only improving the firmness of your erections, but also the time, and in some cases even the size. So look for products that have these when you are shopping for natural male enhancements.

In order to buy a product, you need to be well informed. This is doubly so when it comes to pills, medication, or anything taken orally. For that reason, we have put together five aspects for you to look at when purchasing natural male enhancers. We have looked at reputation, money-back guarantee, science and ingredients used in the manufacturing of the products, and finally the user reviews.

More than what people say, look at how long the manufacturer has been in business. If they have a relatively short time on the market, then you may want to have more questions in your arsenal. On the other hand, the longer in business, they have been the more credible their product is. What if something goes wrong, will you have support to make sure you are taken care of? As this is something you ingest, you have to be assured you will have support should you need it. There are a lot of shady businesses worth avoiding.

Reputation – We all know how important reputation is. Would you be buying that food product if you did not trust the manufacturer? Would you even look twice at that camera if you didn’t believe in the manufacturer? The answer is a resounding no. The same applies when it comes to the manufacturers of natural male enhancements. Look at their reputation online. Do they have good reviews? If people who have used the product are giving it a thumbs up, it is a product worth investigating. A product that has a very good reputation online is Hardmojo. People who have used it, can’t stop talking about how good it is and the results it offers.

Money-back guarantee – Having the option to opt-out and not lose money is highly important. After all, you may not feel the results are quite what you wanted. In that case, you should be able to return the product and not have to worry about getting your money back. Itis best to deal with products that not only have a great reputation like Vigrx plus, but one that has both the reputation and a hassle-free and easy return policy like Hardmojo.This product has both these qualities making it a very good first tryout and subsequently long-term product to buy. They are confident in their product and are willing to let you try it without the risk of losing your money.

The science and ingredients used in the manufacturing of the product – As stated earlier there are companies out there with a reputation for using ingredients that are not quite up to scratch. When looking for a product to give you an erection for longer and with just a little extra length and girth, you have to look at the science behind it as well as the ingredients used. We have mentioned ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, L-arginine, zinc, and withania somnifera which are used in the manufacturing of natural male enhancers. Does the product have these ingredients? Research is important in determining which male enhancement to use.

User Reviews – These form part of the reputation of the business but they are also very important, thus they deserve their own consideration. Those who have bought a particular product and were satisfied with it, will come back and leave a glowing review. For that reason, you have to look at what people who have used the product say when it comes to which erectile dysfunction pill works best. From there you can decide which natural male enhancement will work best for you.

These are some of the considerations to consider when it comes to deciding on a natural male enhancement product. It is not merely a question of Hardmojo vs Vigrx plus. You have to consider the price, what people have said about the product, as well as what is actually in the product. Will you get your money back if you don’t like it? When a product such as Hardmojo ticks all those boxes, then go for it, because it’s a myth that size doesn’t matter. Go out there, get your mojo, and enjoy a lasting and fulfilling rock hard erection.

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